Theta Reiki Circle

Join me for a live guided meditation session and group energy treatment !

Here is the Zoom Link (simple app to install) for the first 100 participants:

Whether you practice meditation or not, you will just have to sit comfortably, close your eyes and follow the sound of my voice to benefit from the theta reiki treatment.
I will guide you through conscious breathing and visualization exercises, in order to slow down your metabolism to theta and gamma brain frequencies before circulating the energy of Reiki (Life energy) in our circle of participants.

You will thus receive a collective Reiki treatment, allowing you to deeply relax, boost your immune system, rebalance your body and chakras, and protect yourself against or reduce the effects of the Cod-19 virus in particular.

Donation: here is my paypal link: PayPal if you can / wish to contribute and support me. thank you so very much


Should you wish to book a personal coaching session with me, whether online or in-person, please BOOK ONLINE or message me.

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