Reiki is a fast and effective Japanese bio-energy energy treatment to relax your body & your mind and boost your immune system!

Reiki is the Energy of Life ("Ki" or "Chi") of the Universe ("Rei").

Ki flows inside our body and nourishes our organs.

Energy imbalances in the body can cause fatigue, sleep disorders, weakened immune system and sometimes diseases.

During a session, this energy is channeled and transferred by the hands to the body of the person to correct deficiencies in the flow of Ki, allowing the body to activate its own healing mechanisms.

History of Reiki:


Reiki Has been traced thousands of years back. Evidence of this form of healing has been found in India, Tibet, China, Egypt, Japan, Greek, and Roman cultures.

A Japanese healer named Dr. Usui, in the late eighteenth century rediscovered Reiki. It is claimed that he found the formula for contacting a high power that could bestow healing in and Indian sutra. It is said that after fasting, meditation and following the directions of the formula for 21  days, he was struck by a beam of light in the forehead and initiated into Reiki. Dr. Usui practiced Reiki until his death, and before his death, Dr. Chijaro Hayashi took his place. Dr. Hayashi ran a private clinic in Tokyo until his death in 1941 Dr. Hayashi introduced Reiki to his successor Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who lived in Hawaii USA. She introduced Reiki to the west and trained 22 Reiki masters who have passed it on.

Here is my lineage:
  1. Dr. Mikao Usui. 

  2. Chujiro Hayashi. 

  3. Hawayo Takata. 

  4. Barbara Weber Ray. 

  5. Maurean O Toole. 

  6. Kate Nani. 

  7. Paula Horan. 

  8. Dr. Ishwarananda. 

  9. Yugesh. 

  10. Amit Kumar. 

  11. Aryan Vedh. 

  12. Laurence Yael Benhamou. 


Can Reiki Help Lower High Blood Pressure?

Can Reiki Help Lower High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure, which may also be referred to as Hypertension affects millions of people all over the world.

Reiki in Ontario Hospitals

In recent years, reiki has become a much more popular treatment option for patients in Canada, as well as a subject of scientific research. As a result, more people are calling for the inclusion of reiki as a treatment option in a variety of settings, including within Ontario hospitals.

How Reiki Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

The days are shorter, nights are longer, and the holiday fanfare has come and gone, sometimes leaving you with loads of bills to pay. Whether northern or southern hemisphere, winter happens everywhere at some point during the year.

Reiki for Nurses

As a direct result of their beautiful and beneficial but stressful chosen career and work environment, nurses face high levels of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Over time, this continued stress can lead to a number of physical, mental and emotional issues for nurses that may reduce quality of life and decrease productivity

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