One Love Meditation Coaching 

Learn how to connect to your inner silence, meditate, feel peace, sparkle inspiration, intuition, creativity, and create positive changes in your life!

Raise your vibration to change your reality.


Each coaching session contains insights on how to meditate, raise your vibrational frequency, activate your energy shield and psychic protection, develop your intuition, use bio-energy healing to increase your vitality, manifest from your heart, align with your purpose, develop harmonious and conscious relationships.

Meditation coaching is tailored to what you wish to unlock or work on in your life.  I guide you  to lower your metabolism to Tetha isochronic frequency brain wave with an inspired/channeled guided meditation to the Field and to the Source, understanding how to rebalance your body and heal yourself, reprogram limiting patterns and beliefs, align with Gaia and the Universe, and empower you in manifesting your highest potential, and your dreams...


This Is How Brain Waves Contribute To The State of Mind

In this article, we’ll be looking at our five brainwave frequencies and how they affect our state of mind.

How a Daily Meditation Practice Helps You Find Trust

One of the nice things about meditation is that when we sit with these moments as they arise, we start to trust in them and in the dark grace.

This is Your Brain on Meditation

You’ve read about the benefits of a daily practice. But what exactly is happening inside your body to produce these profound effects? Thanks to research done using fMRI scans of the brain, we know.

How Meditation Helps You Heal (Plus, a Simple Breathing Practice)

Meditation can help you find your soul and heal your body. Here’s how to get started with a healing practice.

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