Business Meditation
Coaching Session

 As a former business lawyer, I find it natural to combine my expertise and offer you this unique Business Meditation Coaching Session, to empower you to take your project to the next level, and implement it efficiently and effectively into reality. 
Whether you have been in business for years or are starting your new business, learn how to meditate to envision and manifest a new, clearer and evolutionary perspective and strategy, aligned and guided to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals and set-up your business.  This shall give you insights on developing your business in line with your true self and passions, and step into the flow of abundance !

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Russell Simmons: 6 WaysMeditation Stokes an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hip-hop icon, record mogul, fashion designer, and author Russell Simmons just launched Tantris, a high-end activewear brand and yoga wellness center in West Hollywood. And he credits meditation with helping him create his vision.

Meditation to Boost Creativity

Connect with your creativity and spirit in this simple meditation.

How This Ex-Navy SEAL Uses Yoga and Meditation to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Former US Navy SEAL Brandon Webb has achieved a lot in the last five years by anyone’s standards and he credits his practice with helping enhance his productivity.

6 Ways Meditation Can Help You Feel Happier at Work

Work stress. We all feel it, whether we're struggling to find 15 minutes for lunch or responding to emails at 10 p.m. But a regular mindfulness and meditation practice can help, says meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg.

3-Step Meditation to Find Your Career Calling

This meditation will help you visualize the ideal work situation so you can bring it to life.

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