Welcome, I'm Laurence Yael

Wicosany Healing is a passion project I have been inspired to sharpen and
develop throughout the years. I've always loved learning, understanding, experimenting, and sharing, and explored many teachings, from yoga to reiki through Kabbalistic and Buddhist meditation, in quest of balance, truth, and grace.  

As an entertainment attorney turned artistic agent and consultant after 17 years of practice, I have had the privilege to counsel many clients into making their professional projects a reality. 

Meditation and Yoga have been amazing tools on my path to inner peace and transformation, in all aspects of my life.  I had been practicing yoga for over 20 years before becoming a teacher, training mainly in Ashtanga Mysore and Hatha yoga.   I have been a certified Hatha and Ashtanga Mysore Yoga instructor from Aryan Vedh School of Yoga & Reiki (Darhamsala, Goa - Tel Aviv) since 2015. 

Passionate about energy healing, I studied Reiki Usui, a really efficient Japanese bio-energy healing technique and became a certified Reiki Usui Master & Teacher from Aryan Vedh School of Yoga & Reiki in 2016.  I am also a registered IARP Reiki Professional Member, the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

I recently was trained and became a certified practitioner in Theta Healing ® from Ayelet Saban Theta Healing School in Tel Aviv and Vianna Stibal Institute of Theta Healing in the USA). This method of Theta (brain isochronic frequency) meditation has
shown incredibly fast and life-changing results in healing and empowering people throughout the world. 

I have also been studying Kabbalistic meditation for several years with Rav Doniel Katz and The Elevation Project, and regularly use these ancestral methods as part of my guided meditations.

I am also a certified practitioner with the quantic technology QPM DPRH (Human Resources Personnel Development) and QPM BY BEFLOW, and use it to provide an enhanced and sharpened accompaniment to clients.

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