Initiation Reiki Usui 1er Degré - 2nd Degré

About Wicosani Healing

May you walk in balance and beauty, in harmony within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies (Wicosani Lakota prayer).

Based on universal wisdom and teachings, ancestral meditation techniques, quantum physics, intuition, and bio-energy healing, Wicosani Healing aims to inspire positive changes into your life.

The time is Now to live the life you love and to love the life you live.

We offer coaching sessions in meditation (one-on-one session tailored for you), as well as bio-energy healing treatments, weekly meditation classes, webinars, workshops and certified energy healing courses (Reiki Usui, Theta Healing, Yoga TTC...) as well as events and retreats in collaboration with partner healers, spiritual intuitives, teachers, and authors from all over the world, to bring you the most effective and adapted experience to your path, with love.


One Love Meditation

Learn how to meditate and manifest with love and light

€ 55.00 EUR

Business Meditation 

Rewire your Brain. Rewire your Life. Rewire your Business (session by a former lawyer)

€ 55.00 EUR

Reiki Usui 

Traditional Japan energy healing medicine

€ 55.00 EUR


Dynamic Flow Yoga class with music based on Hatha Yoga with guided meditation and
Reiki mini-treatment

€ 55.00 EUR

Theta Reiki

Original energy healing treatment combining guided meditation, Reiki Usui and Theta Healing techniques to help you clear limiting beliefs and empower yourself.

€ 111.00 EUR

Upcoming Events

Initiation Reiki Usui - 1er Degre
May 04, 2:30 PM – May 07, 4:30 PM
Initiation Reiki Usui - 2nd Degré
May 11, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

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